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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am gasiafrank somerville -- hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> foot tracks and a burned car in big bear but the man hunt is still on for former los angeles police department officer chris dorner who gunned down three people. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live in the news room where he has
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been monitoring an update from law enforcement. >> reporter: tonight authorities say their search in the big bear area will continue weather permitting. a storm is expected later tonight. in a news conference we carried here live, investigators confirmed they found tracks in the snow. they are going door to door but haven't found chardonnay. we -- former los angeles police department officer chris dorner. he included a coin with three bullet holes in it and tonight bill bratton reacted on the coin that said thanks but no thanks, bill bratton. >> what you showed me is disturbing to anybody that would look at it. and i understand it was accompanied by some formal letter. >> reporter: police spent the
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last hours of day light near big bear lake in southern california searching for him. they found his burned out truck this afternoon. he has already killed two and one officer. investigators believe he wants to harm others. >> i would tell him to turn himself in. you know? this has gone far enough. >> reporter: los angeles police chief spoke from a secure location at los angeles police department. the department has been on high alert since a man and woman were killed on sunday, including the daughter of a former police captain. he was fired in 2008 for making false statements when he accused a fellow officer for kicking a suspect but he said he was unfairly let go. he said i have nothing to lose. my personal casualty means nothing. i have the strength and benefits of being unpredictable and unforgiving. this morning police say he
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ambushed two officers on patrol killing one and injuring another. >> reporter: as for bill bratton he said he does not remember working with him or why he fired him. we spoke with someone who tried with him. he describes him as someone who was not well liked, struggled to get along with women and made bad decisions. live, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. . >> the story has been developing all day. we are constantly updating it on our mobile ktvu apps. download the app for breaking news as it happens, plus traffic and weather anytime, anywhere. happening now, news chopper 2 is over a protest in san francisco over police brutality. they just started marching.
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they are marching down mission street. 30 or so demonstrators there. what we believe they are doing is heading to the police station at 17th. 8 blocks away. you can see there are police following them in the background and this shut down mission street in one direction. keep that in mind. that is a very busy street this time of night. now we want to show you the video in question. look at the small box here on the right hand side of the screen. police are struggling with an 18-year-old, kevin clark. hedgings assaulted someone and refused to -- he just assaulted someone and refused to stop. >> the officers chose to hold him down, he chose that course of action. the officers held him down till backup arrived and then they handcuffed him. >> officers say clark did not -- was not injured and did not
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need medical treatment. he was sited and let go. live pictures of the situation as protesters are marching down mission street, we believe headed towards the police station at 17th. they are blocking traffic and police are keeping a close eye on things. we have a reporter on the scene as well and we will have full coverage at 10:00 p.m. a terrifying ordeal for a mother and her two children, all three were shut during a home invasion. ktvu's john sasaki joins us now, live from the scene where he was one of two reporters who went inside that home today. john? >> reporter: julie, here is the door, they kicked it in and unleashed gunfire on the family inside. >> my mom's room. she was sleeping. >> reporter: he took us around the home and showed us his
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sister's bedroom door and a hole in the wall. >> they went straight to the master bedroom and fired one shot while sleeping. >> reporter: he was at work at the time but his brother, his mother and his sister were all shot by the invaders. >> they were all carrying guns and the intention was to kill everybody in the family. they didn't take nothing. they didn't want witnesses. >> reporter: 3:40 a.m. this morning when the men broke into the home. the brother was shot in the face. the mother was shot in the hip and sister was grazed in the  finger. all are expected to survive. >> my mom could talk but she scream in pain. i worry about my brother the doctor said he will be frin a while. >> reporter: -- be in for a while. >> there is nothing to indicate this was targeted.
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there are no indications of that. >> reporter: he feels uneasy living in this area. >> right now it is dangerous. we are planning to move. not a good place to live. you know, you don't want to take that chance. >> the gunman are described as one latino and one african american man in their 20s. live, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. two residents were held at gun point and robbed today inside their home. at 11:30 a.m. this morning. officers say three robbers ransacked the house and stole cash, a laptop and a gun. the robbers were driving away in a chevy or trailblazer that is lowered with tinted windows. an arrest in contra costa county has uncovered dozens of financial documents stolen out of mailboxes. ktvu's mike mibach is live
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where the discovery came as a surprise to some of the victims. >> reporter: tax season is here and so is the w2. if there is a headline, go check our mailboxes before someone else does. >> reporter: this quiet street lined with mailboxes had a recent visitor. >> a knock at the door that never happens. >> reporter: on the other side of the knock was a police officer. >> in his hand was my w2. he arrested a gentleman that -- for a different reason and in his bag was w2s. >> the ir "s" announce -- irs announced a sweep targeting dozens of suspects. it ended with 109 arrests and
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189 indictments. he said as tax season begins, there is a heavy price to pay for pertraitors. >> when you -- perpetrators. one of her neighbor's statement got ripped off. within a day $4,000 was charged. the neighborhood feels violated. >> absolutely. because now i am going can someone open a checking account in my name, a credit card, can they file taxes under my name. >> reporter: the surgent didn't return my call about this case, residents here in the same neighborhood told me an officer was returning stolen documents to some of them last night. live, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. showers came in and then
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they moved out and now they are coming back in again. we will show you what we got. off shore. showers working their way in. that is how it will go. scattered showers moving in. you got stuff around -- santa rosa. south of -- north of the park. petaluma. beach. scattered showers. more stowers moving -- showers moving in. showers in this direction. san francisco, you will get showers here in the next few minutes -- or moments. gilroy, scattered showers there. this is not the main deal, there is a low pressure that comes in over the top of us, when it does it brings us showers, maybe a chance of a thunderstorm and snow in the mountains. see you back here. a former star football player from the bay area will spend the next few years behind bars for selling drugs. davis was sentenced to three years in prison for selling
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drugs. the 28-year-old was a running back for san jose state and went to the canadian football league. he was cut loose in 2010. the city of concord is closer to banning the cultivation of marijuana. they voted 4-0 in favor of the measure that now goes to the counsel. they banned medical marijuana dispensary in 2005. the supreme court is weighing whether local governments have the right to enact such bans. in an hour, san jose mayor will deliver his state of the city address. he is expected to talk about the rising crime rate and plans to create more jobs. he is also expected to suggest putting a sales tax increase next year. texas governor is coming to the bay area on sunday in hopes
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of luring millionaires to his state. he criticized california and encouraging millionaires to move to texas. in november california voters raised the income tax to 13%. the same weather system that gave us a soggy morning commute is bringing snow to the sierra. richard sharp is live with a look at how much snow the ski country is getting, is it coming down right now? . >> reporter: it is. but it came down pretty good this afternoon. chain controls in effect on interstate 80. the big problem was what happened to the freeways. look at this parking lot. not a lot of snow. but it created problems on the interstate. >> reporter: it doesn't take lot of snow to cause problems. this driver smashed into a snow bank. he said there was less than an inch of snow.
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>> few spin outs. need to be -- slow down. >> reporter: some drivers were caught off guard by the snow. she has a pair of snow chains. >> i should have watched the news. i didn't know there was a storm. >> reporter: a truck driver stopped to help her put them on correctly. >> yeah. you have no equipment. i want to help her. >> if this happened in the bay you wouldn't get nice people like that. no way. >> reporter: nearby the sum thet storm was strong enough to -- summit the storm was strong enough to deliver snow for the skiers. . >> i am excited. i have been waiting waiting for powder. >> could be better but not going to complain. happy to see it. >> lut of excitement but -- a lot of excitement but you got to be careful. this woman is stuck trying to
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put on chains. we got to help get her unstuck. be prepared, have your chains and get ready to put them on if caltrans require it. new details about a san francisco cable car accident, why a critical alarm failed to warn the operator. >> repeated gunfire on a residential street. just ahead, how officials are using this example to close loopholes. >> a drug suspect's surprising escape, how he disappeared despite officers standing nearby.
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. a suspect who gave police the slip is on the loose
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tonight. this is anthony chan chez. he was -- sanchez. we were hoping to show you a picture. investigators say he drove away while an officer was doing paper work. police found the van but no sign of sanchez. muni officials were on the street where a cable car made a sudden stop. ktvu's david stevenson is in san francisco and tells us a censor system failed to prevent the accident, david? >> reporter: that's right. powell street cable car line, today we learned new details about the accident and why an alarm didn't warn operators. >> reporter: powell street, a cable car ride, a day after the accident. one passenger was ejected and two injured. when it came to a sudden stop
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near washington street wednesday morning. >> the cause of the incident was a loose bolt. >> reporter: they say this bolt vibrated loose from a plate and became jammed. car 25 hit it at 9 miles per hour. and slammed to a stop. censors are supposed to alert authorities about obstructions, giving them time to shut down the system. authorities say the alarms are sensitive enough to detect paper and go off 2-3 times a day. >> the incident yesterday wasn't picked up because the bolt was jammed above where the censors are. >> reporter: today investigators from the public utilities commission survived the site. they said they are stepping up inspections. >> at least once a week we will tighten up all of the bolts and put tension on them to make
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sure they are not loose. >> reporter: riders say the accident isn't enough to keep them from boarding. >> this is very sad that those people got hurt. but hopefully we will have a great ride. >> reporter: we are told most of the injured people left the hospital and were not in serious condition. cable car 25 is out of service. it suffered minor damage, it should be back in service in 2- 3 days. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. state senate democrats unveiled a package of legislation designed to curve gun violence. >> today's press conference in sacramento started with a recording of a weapon in action. it includes laws that would ban high capacity magazines.
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mayor ed lee was joined by the los angeles mayor. one of the san francisco's waste water treatment plants is back up and running. the public utilities commission said it happened at the treatment plant in the bay view this weekend. officials say the delivery system for the oxygen broke down. >> it is used to keep the microorganisms happy. >> the plant processes 100 million gallons of waste water every day. drizzly day today around the bay area. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking more rain. >> showers this morning and
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instability behind the showers that will bring more scattered showers tonight. let's look at live storm tracker two. you can see where the activity is, north bay, moving towards sensen beach -- stenson beach. sonoma. these are scattered showers. here is the action i was talking about off the coast. you can see that. that will move in over night into late night tonight, tomorrow. this low-pressure system is tracking off and as it does showers are lingering. behind it these showers are widely scattered. we could see a thunderstorm out of it. even though it is more widespread, if you get under one of them you can see heavy rain. tomorrow cool and breezy. clearing out. few sprinkles tomorrow morning. roads are wet as you get going. showers clearing out and your afternoon tomorrow, cool but
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sunny. forecast model, 8:00 p.m. tonight, showers, right? this is scattered showers. as we get into 11:00 p.m., 12:00 p.m., midnight, this is the heaviest stuff, we could see a thunderstorm, snow flurry, not a big deal. interesting to note because cooler than normal air in the area right now as the low pressure brings the cold air down the coast. here we are, 6:00 a.m. early morning commute. maybe something going on for the valley down there, maybe wet for the commute friday and clearing out. that is 8:00 a.m. now you are clearing out for the morning commute. clears out after that. with that your bay area weekend looks nice. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, shakes out like that. chance of a shower tomorrow morning. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you, bill. bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 the latest on the man hunt for former los angeles police department officer chris
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dorner. and one of the most eye catching buildings in contra costa county, the meeting tonight that may turn it into rubble. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the first round of the at&t pebble beach national pro-am is in the books. we will have the leaders and an update on a local golfer next.
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lawmakers are working enallageivation to allow californians to place legal bets. it was reintroduced today. last year it passed the senate but stalled in the assembly. the problem is law bans sports betting in all but four states. mark is here now to talk golf. the at&t pebble beach national pro-am,. >> play golf, do something. get our minds off the super bowl. great weather down there. first round, some things always seem the same, the presence of bill murray, last year's winner phil mickelson left the putting for bird and successfully done
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there. one under 69. kevin stadler, double bogy there. however he has a temper like pops. he flings his putter there. russell knocks, don't have highlighted of him. here is hunter. six under 66. lays up good there. and two putts for a birdie. he is the co-leader. our own amateur/pro, fred inglis, he is a pro when it comes to sports stuff. first round report for us. fred, what do you got? >> reporter: hi, mark. james hahn is playing his first at&t pebble beach national pro- am. he is minus one here at pebble beach. he would have been better off but he got into trouble on the 8 8th hole. he couldn't find his ball.
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he found a dozen others but not his. he went to minus one on this one hole alone. james hahn turns 31, got his pga card this year. it has been a long journey and had to do a lot of odd jobs to get here. like shoe salesman. >> fun. something i enjoyed doing. wore a suit to work every day. co-workers made it a good time. so it was just another way for me to make money and get myself back on my feet and give it another shot. >> reporter: well, all the officials are hoping to have another ideal day tomorrow. see you tomorrow. >> good to see you. local kid making good. >> thank you. >> thank you, mark. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we are always here for you on and mobile ktvu. thank you so much for joining
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us. coming up at 10:00 p.m. complete coverage on former los angeles police department officer chris dorner, accused of shooting and killing three people.

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